Project Review

Currently the community and city leaders are reviewing the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which   analyzes how the Eagle Ranch plan might affect the environment and recommends mitigations to address possible impacts. The report also compares the difference between doing nothing to the land as opposed to building it out according to Lewis’s 1913 goals.

Meanwhile, public meetings will be held, allowing members of the community to offer input to city leaders. The community review process is expected to take until mid-2018. If the community approves the process, work is expected to begin around 2020.

New homes sites, roads, trails, parks and more will appear in phases over time, with the phases beginning at the perimeter of the ranch and then progressing inward and westward. Roughly 20-50 homes are expected to appear per year.

February 2017

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) released. Report finds only two categories of class 1 impact: air quality and traffic, a positive result for a 3,500-acre project.  Planning consultants note that air quality is an impact virtually guaranteed to a project as small as ten homes, and notes traffic issues are limited to Highway 101 corridor from Atascadero to Templeton. The DEIR is available for public review.


Plan refinement & EIR preparation

2008-2013 Meetings

City Public Hearings            

Joint CC/PC NOP/EIR Authorization – 2/26/13
Joint Study Session – 11/15/12
Joint CC/PC Study Session – 3/27/12
Authorize EIR Constraints Analysis – 8/10/10
Authorize Specific Plan and GPA – 5/27/08    

City Public Workshop/Meetings                

Design Review Committee (DRC) – 1/31/13  
Staff: Public Workshop – 12/13/12  
DRC – 11/15/12    
DRC – 12/15/11
Planning Commission: Public Workshop – 11/15/11
DRC – 5/12/11  

Owners Public Workshop/Meetings                      

Owner Project Vision – 9/25/08
Owner Project Introduction – 1/17/08   

Neighborhood Group Meetings                  

San Rafael/San Carlos Road – 3 sessions
Ortega Road – 2 sessions
Atascadero /San Diego/Colorado – 3 sessions                     

Individual Neighbor Meetings – 5